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Last Update : 10/03/2005


VorbisSPI project has been launched by JavaZOOM on October 2001. The goal is to provide a Java™Sound SPI (Service Provider Interface) that supports Ogg Vorbis format.

The VorbisSPI package is licensed under LGPL.

The VorbisSPI project is volunteer-driven. We don't have any specific requirement for volunteers other than willingness to really contribute while following the projects goal. Anyone wanting to join the development effort should send an email to vorbisspi@javazoom.net where all development efforts are coordinated.

Contact :

JavaZOOM : vorbisspi@javazoom.net
[Involved in : spi]

Contributors :

Tom Kimpton : tkimpton@gooberdude.com
Tom, 48 years old, comes from USA. He works as programmer. His hobbies are programming, music and woodworking. He also contributed to gMudix open source project.
[Involved in : conversion provider]










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