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Last Update : 11/2010

MP3SPI 1.9.5

Download MP3SPI 1.9.5 (Sources + Binaries + Docs) 
zip format (348 KB)
  • marklimit system parameter added.
    (e.g. -Dmarklimit=8000000)
  • Default marklimit setup to 4MB
  • Duration bug fix.

MP3SPI 1.9.4

Download MP3SPI 1.9.4 (Sources + Binaries + Docs) 
zip format (348 KB) or tar.gz format (275 KB)
  • RIFF/MP3 header support added.
  • FLAC and MAC headers denied.
  • Skip bug fixed for 320kbps files.
  • ID3v2.x support improved :
    + size computation bug fixed.
    + "mp3.id3tag.publisher" (TPUB/TPB) added.
    + "mp3.id3tag.orchestra" (TPE2/TP2) added.
    + "mp3.id3tag.length" (TLEN/TLE) added.
  • Mark limit increased.











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