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Last Update : 11/2010

Here is the official web page of the MP3SPI project :
MP3 SPI for JavaSound
This is not a commercial project. MP3SPI is an open source project, and anyone can add his contribution.

 MP3SPI 1.9.5 is out ! [ download ]

is a Java Service Provider Interface that adds MP3 (MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 1/2/3) audio format support for Java Platform. It supports streaming, ID3v2 frames, Equalizer, .... It is based on JLayer and Tritonus Java libraries.

But what is a JavaSound SPI ?
"The Service Provider Interface (SPI), a new feature in J2SE 1.3, allows developers to transparently add new functions to the JVM. JavaSound uses the SPI at runtime to provide sound mixers, file readers and writers, and format conversion utilities to a Java sound program. That allows Java programs to take advantage of the newly added functions with no changes and no recompiling. Indeed, more functions can be added to Java Sound to take advantage of new file formats, popular compression methods, or even hardware-based sound processors". Extract from JavaWorld article.










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