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Java™ references

Sun Site - The best place for Java news.
Alphaworks - IBM Ressources.
Java World - IDG's magazine.
Java.net - Java community.
JavaLobby - Huge Forum.
Jars - Many Ressources & Applets.
Java Developer's Journal - High quality articles.
FreshMeat - Java open source projects and more.
jGuru - Best place for Java FAQ.
ONJava - O'Reilly Java Network.


Java Boutique - Huge Applets Collection.
JavaPowered - Applets Collection
WalterFendt - Best place for educational Applets.
OpenCube - Applets Packages.
Java Bookmark - Java Ressources list.
FreewareJava - Free Applets Collection.
JavaShareware - Nice site, many updates.
FileUpload - File upload and download applets.
Equinox - Nice FX applets.

Java libraries

Cryptix Java - All about Encryption.
Java Numerics - Maths, Matrix, ...
VisualNumerics - Extended maths functions.
Java & MP3 - Our Mpeg Audio links.
JavaSound - Our Audio links.


Codango - Many JSP and Java ressources.
Java Ranch - Forums about Java.
Jakarta - Apache Jakarta (Java) project.
JavaSkyline - Java Portal.


Java Reference - Best place for J2EE.
TheServerSide - Articles and Reviews.
Resin - Fast Servlets/JSP Engine.
Tomcat - Open source Servlets/JSP Engine.
JBOSS - OpenSource AppServer.
JOnAS - Another OpenSource AppServer.
Intalio - OpenSource BPMS.
WebLogic - BEA AppServer.
WebSphere - IBM AppServer.
Oracle AS - Oracle AppServer.
JavaDigest - Useful Java/J2EE articles.


Xml.com - Good best place to start.
XML Portal - Many info there.









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