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 UploadBean is a JAVA™ component (JavaBean™) that allows to upload files.
This bean could be integrated in any JSP/Servlets application.
Here is the official web page for contributions, open tools, add-ons ...

DBStore 1.1
OracleLobDBStore is an additional DBStore implementation for Oracle database. It allows to run UploadBean 1.6+ with Oracle Lobs (BLOB or CLOB) . [open source] [download]
Author : JavaZOOM team member. "Just to learn how to use DBStore API".

This tutorial allows to plug UploadBean with Java Server Faces technology. It include source code samples. [download]
Author : JavaZOOM team member. "Useful for JSF-RI from SUN".

NotifyMe add-on allows to send an email on each upload. Uploaded file could be attached in the email. [open source] [download]
Author : JavaZOOM team member. "Just to learn how to use UploadListener API".

Upload 1.0
This add-on is a sample JSP allowing to upload
chinese (big5) files. [open source]
Author : River, Java developer from China.

Status 1.0.4
This open source add-on allows to add a real time
pop-up progress status on upload. Upload
cancellation is also implemented. [open source]
Author : JavaZOOM team member. "Many users ask for it, indeed it's really useful".

 File Mover 1.3
This add-on allows to rename (copy or move) uploaded files. It includes PreFix and PostFix features.
[open source]
Authors : Jeff Capeci & JavaZOOM team member.

 Upload Servlet 1.0
This open source add-on allows to handle uploading through a servlet based on UploadBean. [open source] [download]
Author : JavaZOOM team member.

 Struts Sample 1.0
This open source add-on is a sample for UploadBean integration with Struts web framework. [open source] [download]
Author : JavaZOOM team member.

These simplified and traditional chinese translations
are provided by two chinese developers.
Thanks !
Authors : River, Java developer from Hong-Kong and SiYi, 24 years old, software developer from Dalian in China (P.R.C).

You're welcome to submit your Add-On at : !

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