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  UploadBean API :
In addition to the Developer Guide, the generated JavaDoc will be useful for a programmer who needs more information on classes, methods and fields.

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  DBStore interface :
If database store implementation doesn't suit to your needs (schema, SQL requests, ...) then you could implement yours through to the DBStore abstract class. Using upBean.setDatabasestoreimplemetation("your.package.YourDBStoreClass") will force UploadBean to load your class instead of default one. A sample, open source, implementation is available in add-ons section.

  UploadListener interface :
You could be notified on upload events as fileUploadStarted, dataRead and fileUploaded. Open source samples are available in add-ons section (email notification on each upload and progress status pop-up while uploading).

  UploadBean design :
Here is the UML class diagram of javazoom.upload package. Basically, UploadBean class has a Vector of UploadListener (for notification), a Vector of UploadParameters (for history) and optionally a Vector of UploadFile (for memory store). This package also includes an Archiver class to manage excluse access to ZIP archive store. Finally the MultipartFormDataRequest handles "multipart/form-data" HTTP POST requests through a pluggable multipart parser (see javazoom.upload.parsing package).

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