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 jzChat V1.x Servlet


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jzChat is a 100% HTML/JavaScript chatroom performed by our servlet. Guest users just have to enter a nickname for chatting. Private messages are allowed. Root user choose chatroom's name and subject. Root also controls the chatroom : max. users, open, close, transcript, list or kickoff users features are available.

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 XMLtoANY V1.0 Servlet


XML to HTML, WML, ...

XMLtoANY is a free servlet that uses XSLT to provide content from XML source and XSL stylesheet. Depending on incoming device request, XMLtoANY converts XML source into content (HTML, WML, XML, ...) viewable for the device. XML source could be local or remote (i.e : from a content-provider).


 jzPush V1.0 Servlet


 jzPush v1.0 (for developers)

jzPush v1.0 shows how to PUSH data from web server to browsers thanks to servlet. It uses the multipart/x-mixed-replace MIME type to do so. It works under Netscape but IE seems to not support it. Click here for download.

 Typo V1.0 Servlet


 <Typo V1.0 Servlet >

Build GIF online !

Typo Servlet V1.0 builds GIF image from a bitmap font and a text. Click here for Typo support, setup and download.

A Typo based service is also available here.

Typo servlet sample results

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- 2 -

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