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jMailComposer  is a JAVA/J2EE™ component that allows to send emails from JSP front-end. It supports to, replyto, cc, bcc email addresses and personal names. It provides message priority, return-receipt and file attachments. This component could be integrated in any JSP/Servlets application. jMailComposer JSP files could be customized to your own web design and language. You could also include custom fields (customerID, productID, ...) coming from HTML form into email message.

jMailComposer : The picture

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Overview :

jMailComposer is a server-side component that could be integrated in any JAVA/JSP/Servlets application. It allows send emails through a JSP front-end. You could attach multiple files with your message, select priority and include custom fields (e.g. productID, customerID).

  • Engines :
    jMailComposer should work under any Servlet2.2/JSP1.1 engine (or higher) or J2EE application server. It has been validated under Tomcat 4.1.24, Tomcat 3.3.1, Tomcat 4.0.3
    , Tomcat 4.0.4-LE-JDK1.4, JRun 4.0, Resin 2.1.2, WebSphereAEs 4.0.3, Weblogic 6.1, ServletExec 4.1.1, ... More info here.
  • SMTP Parameters :
    jMailComposer needs to connect to a SMTP server to send the email. jMailComposer supports from, to, cc, bcc, reply-to, subject, message, x-priority, return-receipt, x-mailer fields. Custom charset support (multilanguage) is also available. jMailComposer relies on JavaMail 1.2 or 1.3.
  • Samples :
    jMailComposer package includes JSP samples (Contact and Resume) and a blank template including all features that will help to customize your own front-end.
  • Documentation :
    In addition to samples, jMailComposer includes configuration, FAQ and customization documents. This documentation is also available online.

Download :

Download jMailComposer v1.2 full package (875 KB)
(Samples + Binaries + Documentation)

V1.2   [zip]  [tar.gz] [war|ear]


Add-on Description  Download 
Pack 1.1  
This free add-on allows to add multilanguage support to jMailComposer. Simplified chinese, Portuguese, French and English languages are included.
You could easily add any new language.












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