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- User Guide -

jChatBox users login as guest users. It means they only need a nickname to join a chatroom. Then they could broadcast their messages or send private messages.
Note for jChatBox administrator : If you need to protect (login/password) chatrooms then you have to plug DBAuth, JAASAuth or LDAPAuth add-on.

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All users need to fill in nickname form AND select a chatroom to join it. Depending on client or skin, it could be done in different ways :

[HTML/CSS/JavaScript] - mIRC skin :
First, user selects a chatroom in the list. Information (name, subject, users) about the selected chatroom will be automatically updated.
Then he fills in a nickname before following "Enter" link. Login will fail if the nickname is already in use, or if the chatroom is full, or if the IP address is banned.

mIRC Skin
- mIRC english skin login page -

[HTML/CSS/JavaScript] - j-TV skin :
First, user enters a nickname.
Then he follows the link matching to the chatroom he wants to join. Login will fail if the nickname is already in use, or if the chatroom is full, or if the IP address is banned.

j-TV Skin
- j-TV english skin login page -

[Applet] - Comics skin :
First, user enters a nickname. Then he selects the room he wants to join and hits the "Join" button. Login will fail if the nickname is already in use, or if the chatroom is full, or if the IP address is banned.

- Comics skin login page -


Once logged in, an user can send messages to all users in chatroom through message form. Depending on how filters (HTML, URL Converter) have been enabled, an user can send text messages or HTML-formated messages. URL filter converts http://..... into hyperlink.
User can follow "refresh" link to speed up chatroom's content synchonization. He can also follow "logout" link to leave the chatroom.

Multilanguage Skin
- [HTML/CSS/JavaScript] Multilanguage Skin chatroom -

Applet client
- [Applet] Manga Skin chatroom -


The chatroom lists joined users (see bottom-right table above). Private messages could be sent (if allowed by SYSTEM user) by clicking on user name. For HTML/JavaScript skins, a new window should pop-up. Messages from this window will be sent to the selected user only. They should be displayed in red color in chatroom's content.
For Applet skins, private mode is enabled by clicking on username and disabled by clicking on users label (e.g. "> ALL USERS").

- Private message pop-up -


A command starts with a / character. You can run a command from the chat form :


There are 3 command's levels : User level, Moderator level and System level.
System user can run all commands. Moderator users can run Moderator and User commands but not System commands. Users can't run Moderator nor System commands.

User commands Aliases Action
/help [command] /h Displays help for input command.
/time Displays server time.
/chat [username] [message] /sendto /c /s Sends private message to username.
/refresh /r Refreshes chatroom's client.
/quit /q Quits the current chatroom.
/logout /bye /exit Logouts the current chatroom.
Moderator commands Aliases Action
/moderatorhelp /modhelp /mh Displays moderator help for input command.
/kickoff [username] (reason) /kick Kicks off username for the following reason.
/ban [username] (reason) Bans username for the following reason.
/banip [ipaddress] (reason) Bans ip address for the following reason.
/clear /clearblacklist Clears chatroom's blacklist.
/generatetranscript [filename] /transcript Generates transcript in log folder with the following filename.
/openchatroom [name] [subject] (maxusers) (history) (mode=FRAMED| BUFFEREDFRAMED| APPLET| FLASH) (refreshlimit>=1) (refreshmodel=1-CONSTANT| 2-TRACK| 3-LOAD) (private=YES|NO) (language) (filterid=filter_html) (filterid=filter_url) (moderatorsid=name1,name2) /open Opens a new chatroom.

Sample command :

/open testing java 20 40 BUFFEREDFRAMED 8 2 YES english filter_html filter_url moderator,operator
/clearchatroom /clean Cleans current chatroom's content.
/closechatroom /close Closes current chatroom.
System commands Aliases Action
/systemhelp /syshelp /sh Displays system help for input command.
/backup Backups all chatrooms.
/addmoderator [login] [password] [email] /am Adds a new moderator.
/removemoderator [login] /rm Removes a moderator.
/updatemoderator [login] [newlogin] (newpassword) (newemail) /um Removes a moderator.

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