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 Download4J is JAVA™ component (Servlet + JavaBean) that allows to
download files. It could be integrated in any JSP/Servlets application.
Here is the official web page for contributions, open tools, add-ons ...

This JSP add-on is a sample usage of Download4J API to add folders (and subfolders) dynamically (without modifying folder.xml).
Author : JavaZOOM team member.

MSAccess Download
This Download4J 1.3 open source add-on is a sample implementation of DownloadSource for Microsoft Access. More info about MS Access and binary files storage here.
Author : JavaZOOM team member.

This Download4J 1.2 open source add-on is a sample implementation of DownloadSource for MySQL. It allows to run your own SQL requests/schema to extract files for download. It also includes a sample for passing a custom parameter from JSP™ to DownloadSource.
Authors : L. Broch and JavaZOOM team member.

Link 1.0
This add-on adds multilanguage support for links
and filenames
with encoding such as big5, gb2312. It
requires a Servlets2.3 compliant engine. [open source]
Author : JavaZOOM team member.

It allows to have multiple sources (ZIP, Folder ...)
at the same time and in the same Download4J 1.2
web application. [open source]
Author : JavaZOOM team member.

You're welcome to submit your Add-On at !

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