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  Download4J API :
The generated JavaDoc will be useful for a programmer who needs more information on classes, methods and static fields.

[Browse Download4J JavaDoc]

Download4J Samples :
In addition JavaDoc, here is the source code to let developers learn more about Download4J integration.
You can also find free/open source sample of Download4J API usage (DownloadDatabaseSource implementations, dynamic folder registration, ...) in Download4J plugin/tools section.

  Download4J design :
Here is the UML class diagram of and packages. Basically, DownloadImpl (singleton) class has a DownloadSource (for folder, zip, or database), a DownloadListener (for notification) and a Config concrete class. Depending on XML configuration file, Config subclass is instancied through a ConfigHandler called by a SAX parser. All Config instances are stored in Repository. Config has Properties and a Vector of FileInfo (for download controls such as counter, login, password, content-type ...). DownloadServlet relies on DownloadImpl to provide the download service.
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