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Last Update : 05/03/2004
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How to run jlGui ?
There are severals ways to launch jlGui on your local machine. In ANY case you DO need a J2SE 1.3 or higher (J2SE 1.4 or 1.5). From the simpliest to the most difficult (and customizable) solution you can :

Solution 1 - Use the shorcut added by the installer
This will work only if you've installed jlGui through the friendly installer

Solution 2 - Double-click on jlGui JAR file
This will work only if *.jar files are associated to java or javaw:

Solution 3 - Use Java WebStart :
Java WebStart is a good and friendly solution to run an up to date jlGui version. You don't even need to download and install jlGui.
 jlGui Powered ! Try it now !
"Java™ WebStart -- a new application-deployment technology -- gives you the power to launch full-featured applications with a single click from your Web browser. You can now download and launch applications without going through complicated installation procedures".
Extract from Sun web site.

Solution 4 - Run launcher script.
jlgui.bat for Win32 or jlgui.sh for Un*x. However you have to setup JAVA_HOME variable in the script before running it. You can also setup input parameters (see below).

Solution 5 - Launch jlGui from command line
Your CLASSPATH must include all JAR files under lib/ folder AND jlGui JAR file.
java javazoom.jlgui.player.amp.Player [-skin skinFilename] [-song audioFilename] [-start]
[-showplaylist] [-showequalizer] [-init configFilename] [-v skinversion]
Basic parameters :  
 -skin skinFilename Filename or URL to a Winamp Skin2.x
 -song audioFilename Filename or URL to initial song or playlist
 -start Starts playing song (optionally from the playlist)
 -showplaylist Shows playlist on startup
 -showequalizer Shows equalizer on startup
Avanced parameters :  
 -init configFilename Filename or URL to jlGui initial configuration (playlist, skin, toogles ...)
Initial configuration won't be overriden by -skin and -song arguments.
 -v skinversion 1 or 2 (default is 1)
Note that all parameters are optionals.
Sample 1:
java javazoom.jlgui.player.amp.Player -skin d:\skins\base.wsz -song d:\mp3\playlist.m3u -start
Sample 2: java javazoom.jlgui.player.amp.Player -skin http://www.adomain.com/skins/baseskin.wsz

How to run jlGui through Java Web Start ?

Open your browser and go to http://www.javazoom.net/jlgui/jws/jlgui_jnlp.jsp.It will
launch your Java WebStart and then jlGui.

How to make my web site users run jlGui ?
Once again, Java WebStart is a good solution. Just add a link to our jlGui jnlp launcher http://www.javazoom.net/jlgui/jws/jlgui_jnlp.jsp on your web page. If your users are Java WebStart-enabled then they could run the most recent version of jlGui hosted by us.

How to use my own skin with your hosted jnlp launcher ?
JNLP launcher is customizable. You can specify your own skin, playlist or song (hosted anywhere). You can also enable song playback. See the jnlp configurator service to generate the customized URL. Here is a [sample link] that launches jlGui with a custom skin and playlist.

How to make my web site users run jlGui through an Applet ?
We really think that Java WebStart is a better solution but you can find a jlGui Applet version in our Applets section here.

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