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Last Update : 01/22/2007
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- jlGui/BasicPlayer Add-Ons & Projects -

RCP MP3 Manager
This application provided by Kai Tödter allows to
organize and play MP3. It is based on
Rich Client Platform and JLayer library.

Tim Baumgartner provides a plugin
allowing to play MP3 in the Eclipse IDE.

jMAC plugin is a free, open source (GPL), Monkey's Audio
add-on by Dmitry Vaguine for jlGui 2.3. It allows playing APE, MAC and APL files using jlGui 2.3 player.

Plarpebu is an open source (GPL) Karaoke player by Michel
Buffa. It is based on BasicPlayer API 2.3.
It supports multiple swing look and feel.

jlGui Applet Here is the applet version of jlGui player. Many users ask for it so we've done it. jlGui is now available as standalone, javawebstart enabled, application and applet. Online demo available. [homepage]

Phoney Moodman A system, which can recognize a mood and select a song based on that mood has the advantage of being adaptive for it’s user. [homepage]

System Desktop This project is the first of the new generation of desktop programs and contains innovations. [homepage]

PHP Playlist
Nice free PHP script allowing to define your own playlist
before launching jlGui applet. Worth to see !

jlGui 2.2 samples In addition source code included in developer guide, here are some source code samples using jlGui classes. [Player+Playlist]

- Audio Links -


WinAmp - The well known player.
TK3Play - Linux MP3 player.
Java MP3 player - Player based on JavaLayer.
MP3 JukeBox - Java MP3 Player based on JMF.
FreeAmp - Free Audio Music Player for Win32/Linux.
XMMS - The MP3 Player for Linux.
jOggPlayer - Java OGG Vorbis player (GPL).


SHOUTCast - NullSoft's streaming server.
IceCast - Open Source streaming server.
JRoar - OGG Vorbis streaming server.
DigitallyImported - MP3 Streams.

Audio References

JavaSound API - JavaSound homepage.
JMF Homepage - Java Media Framework.
Project Mayhem - The best audio forums.

Xiph.org - Xiphophorus company homepage.
jSpeex - jSpeex SPI homepage.
jMac - jMac SPI homepage.
jFlac - jFlac SPI homepage.


Dogma links - MP3 ressources links.
MP3 decoders - Quality matrix.
Audio Compression - All keys you need.

JSResources - JavaSound samples.

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