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Last Update : 07/09/2004
Overview Run jlGUI JNLP configurator Developer guide  API Links
JNLP configurator service will help you to add jlGui - WebStarted - to your web page. First of all you have to select a skin or enter your own skin URL. Secondly, you select a song or you enter your own song URL. Finally you generate the URL that you will copy/paste on your web page.
1 - Select a SKIN :  

  Author : Ruben Avila
Download size : 102KB

  Author : Bill Donaldson
Download size : 108KB
Blizzard v2.0

  Author : Ely Ocbina
Download size : 186KB
 More skins: 1 2 3 4 5
Custom skin : Enter URL :
2 - Select a SONG/Stream/Playlist :  
Digitally Imported MP3 Stream MP3 Trance Stream @ 96Kbps
UK Student radio OGG Vorbis Stream OGG Vorbis Live Stream @ 70Kbps
Online radios playlist Online MP3 and OGG Vorbis Radios
Custom song/stream : Enter URL :
3 - Misc :  
Automatically play the song
Show playlist
Show equalizer
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