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Java Music Player

Last Update : 11/2010
jlGui : Music Player

jlGui 3.1 features   

  • Spectrum/Time visual added.
  • FLAC audio format support added.
  • Monkey's Audio format support added.
  • Search in playlist feature added.
  • Preferences panel improved :
    Skin browser, spectrum analyzer setup, JavaSound device setup, system properties.
  • Skin support improved :
    Spline for equalizer, keyboard shortcuts, drag&drop support for playlist, rollover on playlist pop-up menus.
  • Pop-up menus improved : Play File/Location, playlist editor switch, equalizer switch, jump to file feature.
  • Misc :
    Front-end refactored from AWT to SWING, codecs updated, JSE 1.6 support added.
    Web Start
    enabled :
     jlGui Powered ! Tune In

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