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You can make a donation to the development team effort at RegSoft.com, who allow you to donate on-line via PAYPAL or via SECURE SERVER with a credit card, via Voice, Fax, Postal Mail. Due to the cost involved with this service, the minimum donation is $100 US. If you wish to donate more than $100 ($200, $500 ...), simply make multiple donations through quantity field. Donations help us to continue developing and providing free support for MP3SPI, VorbisSPI and jlGui projects. It also helps us to pay hosting service and bandwidth.


Make a Donation  Please contact support@javazoom.net
Thanks !

If you agree, after donation, your name/company with amount will be listed below. You will be contacted by email to get your agreement.

Donators list :

Genoko - Germany.
ChatPlayers - USA.
Bertrand Florat - France.
Philipp Klöckne - Germany.
John N. - USA.
Bross S. - Germany.
Campbell G. - USA.
Lee O. - USA.
Cipresso T - USA.
Giguere JG - Canada.
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