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Last Update : 01/2007
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jlGui is a Music Player application for the Java™ Platform. It supports MP3, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, MONKEY's AUDIO, WAV, AIFF, AU and SPEEX audio formats. Front-end is WinAmp skins 2.0 compliant. That's why one could say that jlGui is a Java WinAmp clone. You can select your own skin even with the WebStart launcher. As jlGui is written in Java, it will run on Win32, Linux, Solaris, MAC ... operating systems.

jlGui is an open source project licensed under LGPL. Anyone can add his contribution or use jlGui classes for it's own project/solution. Adding a new audio format support is as easy as copy/paste the matching JAVA codec (SPI) to CLASSPATH. Learn more in developer guide.

How to use jlGui front-end ?
jlGui front-end usage

How to run jlGui ?
See "run jlGui" FAQ.
Sound seems saturated under some JRE 1.5, how to fix that issue ?
Try to low sound volume from the volume slider in the player front-end.

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