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Last Update : 11/14/2006


07/09/2005: jlGui 2.3.2

  Download and Install jlGui 2.3.2
With a friendly-Installer : 2.2MB 
(OS dependant)
[Windows] [MacOS X] [AIX] [Solaris] [Linux]
HP-UX] [Unix] [Other]
Without Installer : 1.1 MB [ZIP] [TAR.GZ]
  You DO need a J2SE 1.3 or higher (J2SE 1.4, 1.5)

: jlGui 2.3

  Download and Install jlGui 2.3
With a friendly-Installer : 2.2MB 
(OS dependant)
[Windows] [MacOS X] [AIX] [Solaris] [Linux]
HP-UX] [Unix] [Other]
Without Installer : 1.1 MB [ZIP] [TAR.GZ]
  You DO need a J2SE 1.3 or higher (J2SE 1.4, 1.5)

  • Equalizer added for MP3 :
    Presets support (rock, classical, party, ...).
  • Seek support improved :
    Seek feature is now available for both MP3 and WAV audio formats.
  • Tag viewer improved to display ID3 tags, comments and meta-data for both Ogg Vorbis/Icecast and MP3/Shoutcast streams.
  • Skins support improved :
    Title marquee, loading and buffering messages, volume and balance bugs fixed.
  • Misc :
    .pls support for playlist added, J2SE 1.5 ready.
    Speex audio format support added.
    Web Start enabled :  jlGui Powered ! Tune In

07/01/2003: jlGui 2.2

  Download jlGui 2.2 (Binaries+Sources+Docs)
With a friendly-Installer : 2.2MB 
(OS dependant)
[Windows] [MacOS X] [AIX] [Solaris] [Linux] [HP-UX] [Unix] [Other]
Without Installer : 1.1 MB [ZIP] [TAR.GZ]
  You DO need a *JVM 1.3* or higher to run jlGui 2.2
   or run jlGui2.2 *now* through Java™ WebStart !

  • Tags viewer added :
    - Ogg Vorbis comments viewer.

    - ID3 tags viewer.
  • WinAmp skins 2.0 support improved :
    - Shuffle feature implemented.
    - Up & Down buttons added.
  • Documentation updated.
  • Bug fixes :
    - AudioInputStream lock bug fixed.
    - MpegAudioSPI updated to 1.6 to fix WAV
      file opening under J2SE 1.4.2.
    - Vorbis SPI 0.7 included.
  • JavaWebStart support available :
    jlGui Powered !  Tune In  .See JNLP configurator service
    to generate the URL to add to your web page.

04/01/2002: jlGui 2.1.1

  Download jlGui 2.1.1 (Binaries+Sources+Docs)
With a friendly-Installer : 2.1MB 
(OS dependant)
[Windows] [MacOS] [MacOS X] [AIX] [Solaris] [Linux] [HP-UX] [Unix] [Other]
Without Installer : 900 KB [ZIP] [TAR.GZ]
  You DO need a *JVM 1.3* or higher to run jlGui 2.1.1
   or run jlGui2.1.1 *now* through JavaWebStart !

  • Drag&Drop support added.
  • WinAmp skins 2.0 support improved :
    - Minimize button added.
    - Double-click to play song from playlist added.
    - Add files to playlist from directory added.
  • MPEG 2.5 support added through JavaLayer 0.2.0
  • JavaWebStart support added :
    - Default skin included in JAR file.
    - jlgui.jnlp sample included.
  • Documentation improved to help developers.
    - API improved and sample source code added.
      See documentation.
  • Bug fixes :
    - WinAmp M3U support fixed.
    - jlGui.sh script fixed.
    - MpegAudioSPI is stable now.
  • Init arguments added :
    - Custom jlgui.ini, auto start song playback ...

03/04/2001: jlGui 2.1

  • OGG Vorbis streaming support added.
  • Playlist UI added :
    - Main window, Scrollbar, buttons.
    - Add File/Url, Inv/Crop/Remove features
  • WinAmp skins 2.0 support improved :
    - Dynamic skin and playlist loading added.
    - Audio files filter added.
    - Playlist, Shuffle, Repeat, Equalizer buttons.
  • MpegAudioSPI improved :
    - SYNC offset support added => ID3 tags skipped.
    - BitRate + total time in seconds info returned.
  • Configuration file "jlgui.ini" added.
  • jlGui 2.1 includes Javalayer 0.1.2 and VorbisSPI 0.6.
  • License moved from GPL to LGPL.
Download jlGui 2.1 (Binaries+Sources+Docs)
[ZIP]-717KB or [TAR.GZ]-636KB

Welcome to Dong Yang to the jlGui project !

10/01/2001: jlGui 2.0

Download jlGui 2.0 (Sources + Binaries + Docs) 
zip format (496 KB) or tar.gz format (441 KB)
  • MP3 Streaming support added for Shoutcast servers.
  • OGG Vorbis support added.
  • Playlist features added (M3U support).
  • Seek bar added (beta - WAV files only).
  • jlGui is now 80% WinAmp skins 2.0 compatible.
  • jlGui 2.0 includes Javalayer 0.1.1
WinAmp skin

Benchs note : For MP3 playing, jlGui 2.0 takes around 20% of CPU time and 16MB of RAM under PIII 800Mhz + Win32 + JDK 1.3 (WinAmp takes only 1% of CPU time and 4 MB of RAM).

Welcome to Joseph Hines to the jlGui project !

05/14/2000: jlGui 1.0

Download jlGui 1.0 (Sources + Classes + Docs) 
ZIP format (669 KB) or GZ format (636 KB)
  • jlGui 1.0 is now Open Source.
  • JavaLayer 0.0.8 and MpegAudio SPI are included in jlGui1.0.
  • jlGui is 70% winamp skins compatible.
Skin from Fli7e / Beatforge & Backlash

04/24/2000: jlGui 0.9 (MP3 support added) Download jlGui 0.9 (Classes)

06/24/1999: jlGui 0.5

jlGui the Graphic User Interface, WinAMP skins compatible, is now available !

Yug's SkinjlGui supports Play, Pause, Stop, Eject, functions. It provides volume and balance controls.File info such as sample rate, bits rate, filename and time counter are also available !

  • jlGui is 70% WinAmp skins compatible. It supports main, cbuttons, titlebar, text, numbers, playpaus and monoster. All BMP files should be converted in GIF format. It does not support equalizer nor spectrum/voice analyzer.

  • jlGui reads now WAV, AU, AIFF format thanks to JavaSound 0.86 package. This "add on" package can be downloaded on Early Access pages from java sun site. Early Access technologies are not included in standard JDK, they are in development ...

  • jlGui does not support the MP3 format yet. We've done the MP3TOWAV conversion in 100% Java in JavaLayer V0.0 and we show that it can run in real time under Symantec's JIT. So next step is the real time CODEC !
  • jlGui + JavaSound 0.86 for Win32 (300KB Zip)

    Hardware Requirements:
    166 MHz Pentium or better
    32 MB RAM or better
    support for linear audio playback
    Software Requirements:
    Windows NT / 95 / 98
    Java(TM) 2 or JDK 1.1.x

    jlGui + JavaSound 0.86 for Solaris (351KB GZIP)

    Hardware Requirements:
    166 MHz UltraSPARC or better
    32 MB RAM or better
    support for linear audio playback
    Software Requirements:
    Java(TM) 2 or JDK 1.1.x
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