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Last Update : 09/2007


jlGui is a graphical music player that supports JavaSound capabilities : WAV, AU, AIFF, SPEEX, MP3 thanks to our MP3SPI and OGG Vorbis through our VorbisSPI. This project has been launched on February 1999. The goal is to provide a real-time music player for the Java™ Plaform, WinAmp skins compliant, with streaming support.

The jlGui package is licensed under LGPL.

The jlGui project is volunteer-driven. We don't have any specific requirement for volunteers other than willingness to really contribute while following the projects goal. Anyone wanting to join the development effort should send an email to jlgui@javazoom.net where all development efforts are coordinated.

Contact :

Dev. leader : jlgui@javazoom.net
[Involved in : player, skin, basicplayer, playlist, playlist UI, tag viewer]

Contributors :

Kristofer Fudalewski: kfud@hotmail.com
Kris, 29 years old, comes from Montreal - Canada. He's working as software developer.
[Involved in : spectrum/time analyzer]

Joseph Hines: jhines@psyberrealm.com
Joe, 27 years old, comes from Northern Virginia - USA. He's working as senior programmer.
[Involved in : playlist]

Dong Yang: john_yang@263.net
John, 33 years old, comes from P.R. China. He's working as a senior Java engineer. His hobbies are computer games and coding.
[Involved in : playlist UI]

Scott Pennell: spennell6@comcast.net
Scott, 37 years old, comes from NJ/USA. He's working as software engineer. His hobbies are computers, guitars, games, music, dogs, reading and hockey.
[Involved in : tag viewer]

Dmitry Vaguine: davagin@udm.ru
Dmity, 26 years old, comes from Russia. He's working in software development. His hobbies are music and soccer.
[Involved in : swing front-end, ape support]

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