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Last Update : 02/27/2005

Here is the official web page of the JLayerME project:
MP3 decoder library for J2ME™/CDC/CLDC platform.
This is not a commercial project. JLayerME is an open source project, and anyone can add his contribution.

 JLayerME-CDC 0.1.3 is out !

[ download and documentation ]

JLayerME project is now split in two branches. JLayerME-CDC for CDC compliant devices and JLayerME-CLDC for CLDC compliant devices (such as mobiles). JLayerME-CLDC includes a MIDlet MP3 player.

JLayer suits for J2SE platforms. JLayerME is J2ME-oriented.

Features JLayer (classic) JLayerME-CDC JLayerME-CLDC
Java platform J2SE J2SE, J2ME-CDC J2ME-CLDC
Audio format support MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 1/2/3 MPEG 1/2 Layer 3 MPEG 1 Layer 3
Heap use range 1380KB to 1900KB 760KB to 1280KB 760KB to 1280KB
JAR size 113KB 46KB 63KB
Status Stable Beta Alpha










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