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Last Update : 11/28/2004

08/04/2003: JLayer 0.3

Download JLayer 0.3.0 (Sources + Binaries + Docs) 
zip (482 KB) or tar.gz (343 KB)
  • Advanced Player API added.
    It supports a few events and allows to play MP3 in frames range.

-= for a full GUI MP3/Ogg Vorbis player, WinAmp skin compliant, see jlGui project =-

04/01/2002: JLayer 0.2

Download JLayer 0.2.0 (Sources + Binaries + Docs) 
zip (485 KB) or tar.gz (361 KB)
  • MPEG 2.5 support added (tested with files generated under LAME).
  • Bug fixed in free format total time computation.
  • Bench notes :
    Heap use range :
    1380KB to 1900KB - 370 classes loaded.
    Footprint : ~8MB under WinNT4 + J2SE 1.3 (Hotspot).
    CPU usage : ~12% under PIII 800Mhz/WinNT4+J2SE 1.3 (Hotspot).

03/04/2002: JLayer 0.1.2

Download JLayer 0.1.2 (Sources + Binaries + Docs) 
zip (484 KB) or tar.gz (359 KB)
  • API improved to let developers get MP3 bitrate, frame length and total time.
  • Additionnal files (changes.txt, license.txt) included.

10/01/2001: JLayer 0.1.1

Download JLayer 0.1.1 (Sources + Binaries + Docs) 
zip (474 KB) or tar.gz (349 KB)
  • Bugs fixes in the decoder (Layer III).

07/02/2001: JLayer 0.1.0

Download JLayer 0.1.0 (Sources + Binaries + Docs) 
zip (473 KB) or tar.gz (349 KB)
  • Streaming support added to the simple player (jlp).
  • Bugs fixes in the simple player (too fast playback for low rate files).

06/04/2001: JLayer 0.0.9

Download JLayer 0.0.9 (Sources + Binaries + Docs) 
zip (472 KB) or tar.gz (348 KB)
  • Bugs fixes in Layer I and Layer II decoder.
  • ANT build script added.
  • HTML page added to play MP3 through PlayerApplet in a JavaSound 1.0 (JDK 1.3) compliant browser.

Welcome to Michael Scheerer to the JLayer project !

04/16/2000: JLayer 0.0.8
Download JLayer 0.0.8 (Sources + Classes + Docs) 
ZIP format (456 KB) or GZ format (343 KB)
  • A simple player have been added. You can now play MP3 in real time with JVM that supports JavaSound 1.0 (i.e JDK 1.3).
  • Bug fixes.
  • Decoder improvements.
  • Build Scripts have been added for Win32 and Unix platforms.
  • JLayer developers' site is available on SourceForge.

12/16/1999: JLayer 0.0.7

- We provide an API. Documentation is available in HTML format in the "documents" section.

- JLayer 0.0.7 contains significant improvements over version 0.0. The decoder is much more faster !

  • Huffman/Layer3 tables serialization added.
  • New buffers management.
  • Exceptions + Utils added.
  • Bugs fixed.

- Benchmarks added :

System : AMD K6-2 300Mhz (64Mo) + Windows 98
JVM 1.1.8 (Sun)
JVM 1.2.2
JVM 1.3b
(22.05Khz, 48Kbits/s, Stereo, 0min 20s)
0 min 09s
0 min 12 s
0 min 09s
(44.1Khz, 96Kbits/s, Stereo, 1min 01s)
0 min 35s
0 min 43 s
0 min 35s
(44.1Khz, 128Kbits/s, Stereo, 2min 34s)
1 min 29 s
1 min 40s
1 min 28s
Results under HOTSPOT 1.0 and 2.0b have been removed from this table (too slow for a performance JVM)
Download JLayer 0.0.7 (Sources + Classes) in ZIP format (201 KB)

Welcome to Mat McGowan (UK) and Matthias Pfisterer (Germany) to the JLayer project !

06/01/1999: JLayer 0.0

MP3toWAV conversion runs in Real Time under Symantec's JIT !!. We tried Just In Time Compiler Version 3.10.094(i) for JDK 1.1.x from Visual Cafe DE 3.0 (TrialWare). It decoded 3 minutes of a mp3 song in 3 minutes under an AMD K6-300. Anyway we still need help for fast mp3 decoding implementations ...

02/28/1999: JLayer 0.0

Today we provide JLayer V0.0. It does not play any MP3 but it allows the MP3toWAVconversion. This is the first step in this project. We do it thanks to free mp3 ressources available on the net:

  • maplay for the object oriented coding (C++).
  • Fraunhofer IIS public mp3 sources (C).
  • wav format description from microsoft.
  • The MP3 decoder works now, but it is too slow to allow real time implementation. We have to find best algorithms to improve it.

    The New JAVA 2 platform allows the WAV format at 44kHz (JAVA 1 : 8kHz) so we are able to do a sound player. Moreover we intend to make the GUI player WinAmp-skins compatible.

    Download JLayer V0.0 package (236 KB ZIP)









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