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Last Update : 11/28/2004


The JLayer project has been launched on February 1999. The goal is to provide a Java™ - real time - MP3 decoder library. JLayerME sub-project has been launched on April 2002, it's the J2ME-oriented version of JLayer.

Both JLayer and JLayerME are licensed under LGPL.

MP3SPI is a Java plugin, based on JLayer, that adds MP3 support to the Java platform. jlGui is a graphical music player (WinAmp clone). It focuses on the sound capabilities of Java and it relies on MP3SPI for MP3 support.

The JLayer project is volunteer-driven. We don't have any specific requirement for volunteers other than willingness to really contribute while following the projects goal. Anyone wanting to join the development effort should send an email to jlayer@javazoom.net where all development efforts are coordinated.

Contact :

Dev. leader : jlayer@javazoom.net
[Involved in : decoder, converter, simple player, mpeg spi, jlayerme, advanced player]

Contributors :

Matthew McGowan : javalayer@revival.force9.co.uk
Mat, 28 years old, comes from Norway. His hobbies are eating and sleeping :-).
[Involved in : decoder, converter, simple player]

Matthias Pfisterer : matthias.pfisterer@web.de
Matthias, 30 years old, comes from Germany. He works as a software engineer. He launched the "Tritonus" project (http://www.tritonus.org) and he contributed to "Java Sound Examples".
[Involved in : mpeg spi]

Michael Scheerer : m_scheerer@web.de
Michael, 32 years old, comes from Germany too. He's a programmer of a small german company. He's also interested in mathematics, physics, astrophysics, and others sciences stuff.
[Involved in : decoder]

Daniel Szabo : szd713@hotmail.com
Daniel, 29 years old, comes from Hungria. He works as a software engineer. He makes a special study of game programming and algorithm optimization.
[Involved in : decoder]

Micah Spears : micah@usa.com
Micah, 21 years old, comes from USA. He works in software development. His hobbies are drinking and jet skiing. He's also involved in Marquee XML-RPC open source project.
[Involved in : jlayerme]

Paul Santon : wanto_@hotmail.com
Paul, 33 years old, comes from Sydney/Australia. He works as Software Engineer. To learn more about him check out his homepage.
[Involved in : avanced player]










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