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Wavy Scrolling

WaveScroll 3.4 Demos Index

Demo 1 : Vertical WaveScroll + Mirror Effect + Starfield + Text Window (this one)
Demo 2 : Horizontal WaveScroll + Mirror Effect
Demo 3 : Horizontal WaveScroll + Jumping + Mirror Effect + Starfield

Download the full package here (Zip file : 61 KB)

How to install ?

WaveScroll 3.4 is easy to install. First download the demo package (see above). Install wave1d.class, taftb.class, wavescroll3.class and tristarf.gif (or your own font file in gif format) in the same directory as your web page. Copy the following APPLET TAG in your HTML code and change parameters as you need.

<APPLET CODE="wavescroll3.class" CODEBASE="./" ALIGN="BASELINE"
WIDTH="450" HEIGHT="100">
<PARAM NAME="wavemode" VALUE="vertical">
<PARAM NAME="text" VALUE="... Yes, WaveScroll V3.4 is Out !! New Options are available ... Mirror Mode, Starfield, Text Windows ... Jump to ... Have fun !">
<PARAM NAME="speed" VALUE="3">
<PARAM NAME="wavetype" VALUE="long">
<PARAM NAME="reversefx" VALUE="no">
<PARAM NAME="wavespeed" VALUE="20">
<PARAM NAME="mirrormode" VALUE="normal">
<PARAM NAME="mirrorheight" VALUE="20">
<PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="001111">
<PARAM NAME="starfield" VALUE="yes">
<PARAM NAME="starfieldcolor" VALUE="FFFFFF">
<PARAM NAME="fps" VALUE="24">

<!-- Font Parameters -->
<PARAM NAME="fontfile" VALUE="tristarf.gif">
<PARAM NAME="fontwidth" VALUE="32">
<PARAM NAME="fontheight" VALUE="32">
<PARAM NAME="yspacing" VALUE="0">
<PARAM NAME="fontindex" VALUE="%!|%%#%'()%%,-./0123456789:; =%?%ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ%">

<!-- Text Windows Parameters -->
<PARAM NAME="text0_sentences" VALUE="Something Familiar ?#Perharps ...#But it's WavesScroll V3.4 !#With new OPTIONS !# ">
<PARAM NAME="text0_fontsize" VALUE="10">
<PARAM NAME="text0_fontstyle" VALUE="bold">
<PARAM NAME="text0_y" VALUE="97">
<PARAM NAME="text0_initialcolor" VALUE="001111">
<PARAM NAME="text0_finalcolor" VALUE="00AAAA">
<PARAM NAME="text0_transition" VALUE="fadex2">
<PARAM NAME="text0_frametowait" VALUE="2">


Parameters description :


You can choose your scrolling type : Horizontal, Vertical or Jumping. For vertical and jumping scrolling, WaveScroll manages amplitude in fonction of the height parameter.


 You can control the jump speed (1,2,...) through this parameter when wavemode = jumping.


Write your own text by this parameter, regardless to the case. WaveScroll will convert it to uppercase. Warning : All the letters used have to be correctly indexed in the fontindex parameter !


Select the speed of the scrolltext (pixels/frame)


You can choose the wave type in the following value:
classic : A simple sine wave.
swing : A simple sine wave.
short : A 3 short frequencies wave.
long : A 2 long frequencies wave.
smooth: A 2 frequencies wave that suits for horizontal scroll.
halfsmooth: The half smooth frequencies .

All frequencies are scaled to width parameter for a vertical scrolling and height parameter for horizontal scrolling.


You can control the propagation of the wave (0,1,...). Useful for cool effects.


You can use a reverse propagation. Useful for cool effects. Use yes (or no) to enable (or disable) this effect.

 You can add a mirror effect. mirrormode parameter provides : disabled (default), normal or perspective.

 The height of the mirror effect (1,..20,...), it should be adjusted with the applet height parameter.

 An optional starfield can be enabled throught this parameter (yes or no).

 Choose the color of the starfield. Fill this parameter with RRGGBB value.


Frame per Second


Filename for the .gif containing the fonts.

Free Fonts
e.g : tristarf.gif


width of the font in pixels (e.g: 32)


height of the font in pixels (e.g: 32)


space between 2 lines (in pixels) of fonts (e.g: 0)


A lookup table which describes letters positions in the image file( line by line).

Warning : Avoid the space character (i.e " ") at the begining and at the end of the index. Use a neutral character (e.g %) for unknown characters. As example, for the fontfile (tristarf.gif) above use :

%!|%%#%'()%%,-./0123456789:; =%?%ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ%

Trick : If the text seems chaotic ;) then there is an error in the fontindex.


Color of the background, regardless to the font background. RRGGBB value only. (e.g black = 000000 white = FFFFFF).
 text .....

 Text windows support is available here (FineMenu Support)










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