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TinyPlayer Support

</COMMENT> MP3 TinyPlayer v1.2 free Applet is based on our JavaLayer 0.2 open source project. To play any MP3 file (e.g. : 44Khz, 128Kbps) , you need a browser JavaSound 1.0 compliant :
Netscape 6 or IE 4.x + Java™ Plugin 1.3 or higher.

Playing hyper.mp3 sample by 'Scooter' from

How to install ?

Download the binary package here (124 KB - zip file) :

First you have to copy jl020.jar, tinyplayer.jar and skins/ in the directory of your web page. Then you have to fill the applet tag in the HTML source. The TinyPlayer example above is the result of :

<APPLET code="javazoom.jlGui.TinyPlayer" archive="tinyplayer.jar,jl020.jar"
width="59" height="32" name="playerid">

<param name="skin" value="skins/Digitalized">
<param name="bgcolor" value="638182">
<param name="autoplay" value="yes">
<param name="audioURL" value="hyperhy1.mp3">
param name="scriptable" value="true">

What are the PARAMETERS ?

audioURL : Name of the MP3 file to play.
skin : Directory containing cbuttons.gif and text.gif skins.
(Default is skins/Deep). You can draw your own buttons and text.
bgColor : Background color of the applet while playing. Value should be formatted as RRGGBB.
autoplay : Plays automatically the MP3 file on applet loading. Values could be "yes" or "no"

Note that TinyPlayer is scriptable, you can start MP3 from JavaScript through playerid.startPlayer() method and stop it from playerid.stop().
(Pay attention to modify HTML Object and Embed tag to enabled "scriptable" and to the have playerid as identifier of the Applet).

MP3 TinyPlayer Applet










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