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 Easy Filter Applet


< Easy Filter Applet >

Students, Scientists & Engineers in Image Processing, this Applet is designed for you.

ScreenShoot - Easy Filter Applet (Optimal Gradient)

Applet ScreenShoot

Easy Filter Applet is a generic filter that allows people like students, scientists, engineers, ... in "image processing" to show their work in a web interface. It's not a static GUI !! - Users can interact with filter's parameters in real time !!

Click here for support and download.

 AnnounceIT Applet V1.0


Free Java AppletA page with enhanced text FX Try it !

This Applet displays as many text messages as you need with different "fade out" effects such as blur, fog, wind, blood, iso, shadow, puzzle... Hyperlink feature available too ! 

• Easy to install and configure
• Small size (6.8 KB)
• Draw user's attention

~ Blur effect ~
Text Effect

~ Blood effect ~
Java Text

~Puzzle effect~
Applet FX

Click here for demo & support.

 WaveScroll 3.4 Applet


< WaveScroll release 3.4>

Features are :

  • Vertical, horizontal and jumping waving scroll. Speed control.
  • Independant font file.
  • Full bgcolor support
  • Wave interactions : wavespeed, wavetype, reversefx.
  • Mirror Mode.
  • Text Windows.
  • Optional starfield.
  • Frame per Second rate control.

    Click here for demos & support.

    Looking for cool effect on your web page ? Try this real graphical scrolling !

    WaveScroll 3.4 ScreenShot 1

    Scrolling Applet

    WaveScroll 3.4 ScreenShot 2

    Java Scrolling

    WaveScroll 3.4 ScreenShot 3

    Java Scroll


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