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AnnounceIT v1.0 free Applet. No more heavy Gifs !. This Applet displays as many text messages as you need with different "fade out". AnnounceIt is very easy to install on your web page. You have to fill basic parameters for a simple use. Extra parameters are also available for advanced users. It is best viewed with IE 4.x or Netscape 4.x (Netscape 4.05 or higher) but it works under any java capable browser with JVM 1.1.5 or higher.

Features :

  • Unlimited messages.
  • Fade out effects.
  • Hyperlink parameter.
  • Font customisation.
  • How to install AnnounceIT ?

    Download the complete demo package here (6.2 Ko - zip file) :

    First you have to copy announceit.class and a.class in the directory of your web page. Then you have to fill the applet tag in the HTML source. The AnnounceIT example above is the result of :

    <APPLET CODE="announceit.class" CODEBASE="./" ALIGN="BASELINE" WIDTH="468" HEIGHT="60">

    <!-- Text Parameter -->
    <PARAM NAME="text_0" VALUE="No more heavy Gifs ...">
    <PARAM NAME="wait_0" VALUE="150">
    <PARAM NAME="fadeout_0" VALUE="blur">
    <PARAM NAME="text_1" VALUE="AnnounceIT V0.5 Applet#is out !!">
    <PARAM NAME="wait_1" VALUE="200">
    <PARAM NAME="fadeout_1" VALUE="wind&right">
    <PARAM NAME="text_2" VALUE="Save download time ...#... It's so easy">
    <PARAM NAME="wait_2" VALUE="150">
    <PARAM NAME="fadeout_2" VALUE="blood">
    <PARAM NAME="text_3" VALUE="... coming from JavaZOOM#">
    <PARAM NAME="wait_3" VALUE="150">
    <PARAM NAME="fadeout_3" VALUE="fog&left">

    <!-- Hyperlink parameters -->
    <PARAM NAME="link" VALUE="">
    <PARAM NAME="target" VALUE="_blank">

    <!-- Font Parameters -->
    <PARAM NAME="fontname" VALUE="Courier">
    <PARAM NAME="fontsize" VALUE="24">
    <PARAM NAME="fontstyle" VALUE="bold">
    <PARAM NAME="fontcolor" VALUE="00FF77">
    <PARAM NAME="bgcolor" VALUE="001122">
    <PARAM NAME="align" VALUE="center">
    <PARAM NAME="valign" VALUE="center">
    <PARAM NAME="yspacing" VALUE="-5">

    <!-- Extra Parameters -->
    <PARAM NAME="timeout" VALUE="100">


    What are the PARAMETERS ?

    Basic Parameters :

    You can choose the width and the height of AnnounceIT Applet through the WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters.

    You must have ONE or more messages to display. You must fill in ALL parameters for each message !

    text_0 : Message displayed number 0.
    text_1 : Message displayed number 1.
    .......... and so on.

    Each message could hold more than one line. You need to use # as a separator.

    fadeout_0 : Name of the fade out effect for message number 0.
    fadeout_1 : Name of the fade out effect for message number 1.
    .......... and so on.
    Here is the list of fadeout effect :
  • blur (fuzzy effect)
  • fog&left (message disapears with right to left motion)
  • fog&right (message disapears with left to right motion)
  • wind&right (message is blown from left to right)
  • shadow&left (message vanishes from right to left)
  • blood (message falls)
  • iso (expanding effect)
  • puzzle (same as iso with a random effect)
  • wait_0 : Number of frame to wait while message 0 is displayed.
    wait_1 : Number of frame to wait while message 1 is displayed.
    .......... and so on.

    Next, You can choose URL you want to link from AnnounceIT.

    link : URL to link when you click on the applet.
    target : Target frame of the link. Remove this parameter if you want the current page to be the target. Try "_blank" to link to a new window.

    , You can choose the fonts you want to use.

    fontname : Name of the font you want (e.g Helvetica, Courier, ...). Default is Helvetica
    fontsize : Size of the fonts. Default is 30.
    fontstyle : Style of the fonts (bold, plain, italic). Default is plain.
    align : Horizontal justification of text (left, center, right). Default is center.
    valign : Vertical justification of text (top, center, bottom). Default is center.
    yspacing : Space between lines in a message. It could be negative. Default is 0.
    fontcolor : Color (RRGGBB) of the fonts. Default is FFFFFF
    bgcolor : Background color (RRGGBB). Default is 000000

    Extra Parameters (for advanced users) :

    You can choose the number of frame per second through the fps parameter (default is 20).

    timeout parameter defines maximum wait time to reach the end of the fade out effect. Basically, the applet waits the effect has vanished but if the effet is iso or puzzle then the effect never vanish.










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